Wednesday, April 4, 2018

DIY Egg Shakers: A Post-Easter Shake-Up

What do you do with your plastic eggs once Easter is over?


I typically reuse mine. But I have a couple of trouble-maker eggs that won't stay shut and would otherwise have been thrown away.

Thanks to a suggestion from an online parenting group, I am turning them into egg shakers for the kids.


What you’ll need:
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Dried, uncooked rice and/or beans
  • Super glue*
*Due to its super adhesive properties, this should only be used by the adults.
  • Mod Podge
  • A sponge cut in strips
  • A bunch of colorful tissue paper

What you’ll do:
Fill each egg with about 1 tablespoon of the rice and/or beans. I used white rice for one and lentils for the other.


ADULTS ONLY: use the super glue to seal the eggs, wipe off the excess glue, and follow the glue's instructions for how long to let them sit until glue is set.

Add glue at egg's seam.

While you wait, tear up small pieces of tissue paper in as many colors as you like.


Once the eggs are ready, use the sponges to dab Mod Podge onto part of the egg.


Apply the tissue paper, dabbing back over with the Mod Podge when necessary. This will probably take several layers of tissue paper, and I suggest letting eggs sit to dry after covering about half of it so the tissue paper doesn't start sticking all over your fingers as you go.


Mod Podge is a sealer as well as an adhesive, so once your egg is completely covered and dried, apply one last coat of Mod Podge. Let dry.


Shake it up!

Henry explains the fun of the shake.

Winry prefers to shake with her egg.


Winry and Henry shaking eggs, April 2018



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